Home office & School


from Sunday to Friday *

We are the perfect office space or weekdays family retreat.

Office pack

Come and work here at fresh air, sun, delicious food and walks. Good internet connection and everything you need for your office.

Price: 70 BGN per person

Family pack

A place where your children or grandchildren will find the best online schooling facilities. Or simply enjoy the outdoors.

If you are busy, do not hesitate to send them with grandparents.

Price: 70 BGN per person

Permanent resident

The package includes 3-step-menu and use of all the facilities.

Drinks are not included.

Price: 70 BGN per person

Over 30 nights – 5 € discount


Which days are valid

ALL YEAR ROUND 24/7, from Sunday to Friday *

Period: weekdays *

Months: January-February-March-April-May- October- November- December

*Weekdays that are not in special packages or holiday packages

Working hours


Validity of the offer

The offer is valid by the end of 2022.

So many sunny days 🎶🎶🎶

Prices and packages