Before you visit us

For children

Food and Dance Factory is the a contemporary Bulgarian family hotel, working entirely with families with children. The place is suitable for children up to 12 years of age. Here they will find friends with whom they will play all day long.

The youngest children (1, 2, 3 year olds) can participate in all activities – on the slide, in the Lego corner, on the air bag, with a balance bike at the bike track, at the hikes, in the boats, in the hot tubs, in the sauna or the steam room for a short time, in the salt room, to play with flour, to make sushi and ice cream – but always in the presence of mom or dad.

For parents

Our program is parallel – for children and adults. You can use the outdoor spa, exercise, active rest.

At the restaurant we sell alcoholic beverages to be consumed for pleasure in moderation.

Smoking is allowed in certain places. Please DO NOT smoke in front of bedrooms. Smoke enters them and your children sleep there.

For whom it is NOT

Birthday parties

We apologize, beforehand ,to all people who want to celebrate their events with a cake, candies, fireworks, whistles, hats, confetti, etc., but the place is not suitable. Внасянето на торта не е разрешено.


We love animals. We are glad that you have a dog, a cat, a parrot, a hamster or a goldfish at home.

It is important to know that the Factory is not suitable for them. Of course, they are very nice and well-behaved and will keep quiet and clean. But we ask you not to bring them here, because many of our other guests will be disturbed by their presence.

Passive vacationers

If your idea of a holiday is while you are sitting on the couch and watching TV, someone is watching your children, or if you are not in the habit of parting with your high-heeled shoes, this is probably not your place.

External guests

Limited external access

The restaurant, facilities and program are used only by overnight guests.

* We do not sell carbonated beverages, cigarettes or junk food in the complex.

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