Activity program

Our program is daily and is included in the package price. You can choose to participate in any activity you like.

Good morning! We start working with the children early in the morning.

Encourage your 5-, 6-year-olds or elder children to go to the restaurant before you and prepare the table for breakfast, make pancakes for the whole family and choose for themselves what to top them with (you can make a list with ideas in advance).

Pancakes and waffles

In the morning children make pancakes and waffles

Walk with the poodles

After breakfast we prepare the poodles for a walk

Hiking in the mountains

Do NOT miss the hikes! Between 10 AM – 10:30 AM we gather for a 2-hour hike in the mountain. In the season of herbs, please bring appropriate scissors or a pocket knife.


After the hike you will have some free time for lunch


Beach time

More games and fun!

Time for gymnastics, swimming, family sauna, steam bath, salt room, boats, ball pool, jumping, cycling, construction with big Lego, drawing in sand,etc.

Workshop “leather crafts“

The whole family can make small leather goods from genuine leather.


Afternoon snack. Pizza workshop. Children and parents make pizza

Short evening walk


Ice cream and sushi

Children make sushi and ice cream

Chocolate workshop

Children make candies

Hunting for fireflies

In the firefly season we go hunting (for fireflies).

Foam party

Evening foam party

Good night!

Food and drinks


Meals are organized in the following manner :

  • 8:00 AM – 10 AM breakfast
  • 12:30 PM – 2 PM lunch
  • 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM afternoon snack
  • 7 PM – 9 PM dinner

With the purpose of more pleasant /for you/ and unimpeded /for us/ meals time, we kindly ask you to observe the specified time. The drinks that are included in your package (according to the season) are available at the restaurant during the meals.

We would like to ask you not to take food and beverages in the rooms – except for the vital water.

Gluten-free menu – please, request when making your reservation.

Vegetarian and vegan menu.

For the youngest: We will be happy to prepare food for them.
You have a special requirement for the menu, other than the dishes listed above, where individual preparation is possible, as requested in advance at the moment of booking and an additional payment is made. You can get an offer on request.

Fresh and quality products

The food we offer you is prepared entirely by us. We get fresh and quality products every day.

We work with:

  • Dairy products free of vegetable fat and dry milk.
  • Fresh milk and eggs from small farms.
  • Metro.
  • Meat – Meskom Popov.

Bringing and drinking alcohol in the restaurant is strictly prohibited.

We do NOT offer carbonated beverages and junk food.

If your children are used to some of them, they will not need this kind of food and beverages here.

Choose the right package for the whole family

Book online reservation for the desired period