About the factory

We are a modern family hotel, working entirely with families with children.

Imagine a different place – a place that is the opposite of everything that surrounds you in your everyday life, a place that gives you happiness and health and that has the power to change your life.

What is behind us and our logo

About the complex

The hotel has 19 rooms (24 m2). Each room is equipped with a large bed (164/190) and extra beds for your children (up to 2 bunk -beds), a large bathroom, towels and bathrobes, heating, boxes for your belongings. Baby- cot, bathtub, pot, bathroom stool – please request when making your reservation.
There are no TVs, Internet or refrigerators in the rooms.

The complex has a variety of facilities that will make your stay unforgettable. 

Wi-fi and talevision

There is Wi-fi on the territory of the complex. Mobile operators have good coverage and mobile internet. There are no TVs in the bedrooms. We have a TV in the restaurant.

The weather

Levels is located at 1250 mn in the Rhodopes

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