Exciting games

Food and dance factory
A place specially created for families with children

Culinary activities

Fabulous atmosphere

We are a modern Bulgarian family hotel, working entirely with families with children. Imagine a different place – a place that is the opposite of everything that surrounds you in your everyday life, a place that gives you happiness and health and that has the power to change your life.

Activity program

What activities will we organize during your stay

We start working with the children early morning


In the morning children make pancakes

Walk with the poodles

After breakfast we prepare the poodles for a walk

Hiking in the mountains

Then we go on a 2-hour hike in the mountain. Then it’s time for lunch.

Time for gymnastics, swimming, family sauna, steam bath, salt room, boats, ball pool, jumping, cycling, construction with big Lego, drawing in sand,etc.

Our facilities

What we have provided for your active vacation

Ice skating rink 200 sq.m (Switzerland)

Inflatable sledges


Swimming bath and three hot tubs

12 m slide

Dry pool with 300,000 balls


What makes us special

Why we are a place specially created for families with children

When we see a child, we see an adult in it

When we see a child, we see an adult in it. We vote for him and he develops qualities of independence, initiative, instinct for self-preservation.

When an adult stands before us, we see the child in him

When an adult stands before us, we see the child in him. We remind him of the world he has forgotten and the way to get back to it.

We share with you the power of nature

We have a great desire to look at the power of fresh air, water, sun for our nettle and seed pesto, use from breakfast to dinner to prevent nose with honey or oil.

We create the feeling of a carefree childhood

A sense of a bygone world in which children play carelessly and freely.

When to visit us

See Food and Dance Factory all year round

This month

We will create a unique program for your family or team that will become the most exciting adventure this winter.


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